Renters Insurance

You may not own the structure where you live, but you do own the personal contents of your home.

Renter’s Insurance can protect your personal property against fire, theft and vandalism. Renter’s Insurance can help protect you in case of a liability lawsuit against you. This could occur in a situation where you are held responsible for:

  • Injury to Another Person
  • Damage to Another Person’s Property

Whether the incident occured within your rented residence or elsewhere.

You could also receive an additional discount by purchasing your renters and automobile insurance together and we have the companies that allow you to do just that!

How much Renters Insurance do I Need?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Look around your rental space and then ask the question: How much are all my belongings worth?
  • Then ask yourself if your personal belongings are destroyed in a fire or stolen, could you afford to replace all the items?
  • Last but not least. Ask yourself, what would happen if someone filed a liability lawsuit against you?

The answer should be clear → YES!! “I NEED RENTERS INSURANCE”

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