Commercial Drivers Legal Plan

Have you ever wished you could talk to a lawyer, but didn’t because you feared the cost…or thought you could handle the situation yourself? Get ready to learn about a service that is already saving time, money, and providing peace of mind for many commercial drivers across the United States.

Tragic Accident Representation for Commercial Drivers

If you or your spouse is charged with a criminal act because of a serious traffic accident, a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney will defend you in the court of original jurisdiction for the following charges:

  • Manslaughter
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Negligent Homicide
  • Appeals not covered
  • Moving Violations
  1. Defense of non criminal moving violations in the court of original jurisdiction.
  2. Defense by an attorney located through your Commercial Drivers Legal Plan Provider Law Firm.
  3. The attorney appointed for you is usually located in the area where you received the ticket

License Reinstatement

You and your spouse have 2.5 hours of legal help from a Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney in each of the following situations:

  • You are denied a driver’s license.
  • Your driver’s license is canceled, suspended or revokes by the Department of Public Safety or Department of Motor Vehicles where a right of appeal is provided to you by statute.
  • Assistance is needed to reinstate or maintain a driver’s license because of a job-related or medical reason.
  • DOT and Non-Moving Violations

You and your spouse are entitled to a defense of non criminal citation issued in your motor vehicle including:

  • Logbook
  • Overlength
  • Overweight
  • Overheight
  • Load Spill
  • No Placard
  • No Medical Card
  • Hazardous Material
  • No Motor Carrier Authority
  • Expired Inspection Sticker

Property Injury Collection

A Commercial Driver Legal Plan attorney will help you or your spouse collect personal injury claims of $2000 or less for injuries resulting from driving or riding in, or being struck by any motor vehicle or boat. You may receive up to 2.5 hours of attorney time per claim.

All other Transportation Related Legal Work

You and your spouse can receive this and any other transportation-related legal work not specifically covered by this plan at a 25% discount from the Providers Law Firm’s standard hourly rate.

Members are responsible for paying court costs, fines, and related fees.