Medicare Supplement Plans & Supplement Insurance In River Rouge, Allen Park, Taylor, Wyandotte, Southgate, Lincoln Park, MI, and the Surrounding Areas

Bear with Medicare Supplement Plans for Taylor & Lincoln Park, MI Residents

Supplement Insurance is a good option for those who need help with medical bills after their primary health insurance has finished paying.

You could be left with a gaping hole in your financial planning. Even the best health insurance plan can leave you with that “empty feeling” when it comes to:

Unpaid medical Bills– Including deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-network charges.

Loss of Income-because of a serious illness or accident that seriously reduces the total earning power of the afflicted employee and/or spouse. Non-Medical Expenses-like the cost of travel, lodging meals, child care, home care, and special
equipment, as well as everyday living expenses like mortgage/rent, car, utilities, food, and credit card balances, etc.

With employers cutting many benefits from your existing medical insurance now is the time to
look into getting additional insurance policies. We can quote you on all of the following policies:

Accident * Short-Term Disability * Cancer/Specified- Disease* Hospital Confinement Indemnity*
Specified Health Event* Hospital Intensive Care*Dental*Life* Hospital Confinement Sickness

Below is a brief product overview:

Accident *Emergency Treatment Benefit *Initial Hospitalization Benefit
*Specific-Sum Injuries Benefit *Accidental-Death Benefit
* Plus much more

Short Term Disability *Selection of : *Benefits paid directly to you
+Monthly benefit amount unless you choose otherwise
+Elimination period *Benefits paid regardless of additional benefits paid
+Benefit period other insurance
*Guaranteed-renewable to age 70

Cancer/Specified-Disease *First-Occurrence Benefit *Cancer Screening
*Hospital Confinement Benefit Wellness Benefit
*Radiation and Chemotherapy Benefit
*Plus much more

Hospital Confinement Indemnity *Hospital Confinement Benefit *Surgical Benefit
*Rehabilitation Unit Benefit
*Plus much more

Specified Health Event *Pays a First-Occurrence Benefit *Major human organ
As well as Hospital confinement transplant
And continuing Care Benefits for: *Major third-degree burns
+ Heart attack & coronary + Coma
Artery bypass surgery + Paralysis
+ Stroke
+ End-stage renal failure

Hospital Intensive Care *Daily ICU Confinement Benefit
*Daily Subacute Unit
Confinement Benefit
*Plus much more

Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity *Physician Visits Benefit *Surgical Benefit
*Initial Hospitalization Benefit
*Major Diagnostic Exams Benefit
*Plus much more

Dental *Freedom of choice *Pays regardless of any
(Pick any dentist) other insurance you may have
*Portable * No deductible
*Guaranteed-renewable at *Easy to understand
the same payroll rate

Life *Provides up to $100,000 of *Optional Spouse & Child Riders
Term life, whole life, or *Optional Accidental-Death
a combination of both on a Benefit Rider
very competitive basis
*Waiver of Premium Benefit

Vision *Eye Examination Benefit *No network restrictions
*Vision Correction Benefit
*Specific Eye Disease/Disorder Benefit
*Plus much more

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