Legal Services

Acova Insurance Agency can help you obtain legal services that you need, such as identity theft shield and commercial drivers plans.

Pre-Paid Legal Service

What is a Pre-Paid Legal Plan?

A Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan SM gives you access to quality law firms for $26 a month or less.

Have you ever…

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Identity Theft Shield

Would you know what to do if your Identity was stolen?

  • Call your bank and/or credit card company
  • Contact the three major credit repositories

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Commercial Drivers Legal Plan

Have you ever wished you could talk to a lawyer, but didn’t because you feared the cost…or thought you could handle the situation yourself? Get ready to learn about a service that is already saving time, money, and providing peace of mind for many commercial drivers across the United States.

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Surety Bonds

What is a Surety Bond?

A bond guarantees the performance of a contract or other obligation. Bonds are three party instruments by which one party promises a second party the successful performance of a third party.

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