Medicare Supplement Plans, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Small Business Insurance in Wyandotte, MI

Wyandotte, MI Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, and Small Business Insurance Client

Do you have enough auto insurance? What about your small business insurance? The truth is that for most people in Wyandotte, MI, going through their insurance coverages isn’t their idea of a good time, but that’s where having our team at Acova Insurance comes in. We can help to review what you currently have and shop the market to find you the best options for the best price. You don’t want to find out too late that your home insurance won’t cover as much as you thought it would. Make the call to Acova Insurance to learn more and schedule a time to meet with one of our agents.

Homeowners, Renters Insurance, and Auto Insurance in Wyandotte

Did you know that renters need to get insurance just like homeowners do? Renters insurance is inexpensive and is needed to cover all of your belongings in case of theft, fire, or other disasters. Your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your belongings, only the structure. Home insurance does both, covering the structure as well as your belongings inside.

Whether you own a home or rent, you likely have a vehicle to get to work, run errands, etc. Beyond the bare minimums required by law, you should work with our agents to review your auto insurance. Likely you will see that you need different coverages to protect you from a variety of different scenarios.

Small Business Health Insurance and Commercial Insurance in Wyandotte, MI

Many times small businesses would like to offer health insurance to their employees, but they aren’t sure just how to go about doing that. At Acova Insurance we have helped many Wyandotte, MI, businesses implement a small business health insurance policy, and we can do the same for yours. We can also help review your commercial insurance to see if there might be gaps or ways to save money.

Medicare Supplement Plans in Wyandotte, Michigan

Whether you already have a medicare supplement plan or are just getting to that age where you need to consider it, our team at Acova Insurance can help to explain all the different details between the different insurance companies. Be sure that you are ready when open enrollment time comes around in Wyandotte by contacting us today.

In 1818, the Wyandot signed a treaty with the U.S. government relinquishing this land, some moving to an area near Flat Rock, Michigan, then to Ohio, Kansas, and finally Oklahoma. Founded as a village of Ecorse Township in 1854, Wyandotte was incorporated as a city, and granted a charter by the State of Michigan, on December 12, 1866, with the first city election held in April 1867, thus making it the oldest incorporated city in Wayne County other than Detroit.