Firearm Liability Insurance

Why should you invest in firearm liability insurance? Defensive gun use (DGU) refers to the utilization of a firearm to protect oneself or others. Research suggests there are over one million occurrences of DGU in the U.S. each year. Also, it is estimated that at 70-80 million Americans own at least one firearm.A recent Gallup poll indicates that concern over personal safety is the most common reason for owning a firearm.

But what happens if a law-abiding citizen is actually forced to use a gun to protect his/herself, a loved one, or their personal property? In addition, there will be an investigation – and potentially a criminal trial.  Even an eventual acquittal provides no guarantee that the “victim” or his/her family members won’t sue in civil court.

Consider Buying A Firearm Liability Policy From Acova Insurance

Many homeowner policies specifically exclude firearm use – even in self-defense – as a covered exposure, deeming it to be an intentional act.  That leaves the gun owner personally liable for legal expenses, bail bond costs, and any judgments awarded through a civil action.    That’s why we introduced the Firearm Liability product.

Firearm Liability Policy Offers These Features:

  • Civil Actions – Legal Defense
  • Civil Actions – Indemnity
  • Criminal Actions – Legal Defense Reimbursement
  • Legal Defense Retainer
  • Bail Bond
  • Compensation While In Court
  • Firearm Theft Civil Liability
  • Psychological Sessions
  • Legal Defense Hotline

We have all heard the stories of homeowners protecting their home by shooting the intruder. Only to have the intruders family sue them. Also, you can use your gun in self-defense and still end up being the victim. Let Acova Insurance Agency find you the right firearm liability policy that works best for you. Give us a call today at 313-388-0100 for help with your new policy.

If you would like to learn more about firearm liability please click here. Finally, fill out our application and bring it in today!